Clothing Allowance

FIREFIGHTERS-Want to purchase Defender Briefs with your clothing allowance? Here's what we recommend:


 Email your Chief or Purchasing Officer. Tell them you'd like to use part of your clothing allowance towards Defender Briefs. 

- Include a link to the 9 Alarm website ( and tell them...

- The number of briefs you want (we recommend at least two pairs to swap as needed)

- The size you want (S, M, L, X-Large, or XX-Large)

- Your shipping address


 Your Chief/Purchasing Officer can use the station debit card to complete the order online, through this website. They'll put your shipping address in the checkout.


 We'll get your Briefs shipped out ASAP!


w9 FOR Chiefs/Purchasing Officers:

9 Alarm is a Massachusetts based PPE vendor. We have developed the first and only PFAS-FREE  undergarment that protects the groin from carcinogenic particles. To comply with procurement requirements, here is a link to our downloadable W9 Form. Please call (413) 544-2799 if you have questions or need additional information to add 9 Alarm Apparel to your approved vendor list. If you do not have a station debit card, we can arrange to invoice the station by mail. For department orders, please use our contact form. Just specify the quantity of briefs by size, and include the station address. Orders over 200 pairs qualify for a volume discount.