Male firefighters are twice as likely to be diagnosed with testicular cancer. And are at 1.28 times greater risk for prostate cancer and 1.21 times greater risk of colon cancer.


For every 5 degrees of core body temperature elevation, the skin’s absorption rate increases 250%. Groin absorption rates can be up to 50x greater than normal skin.


We’ve made the only brief that includes a special particulate barrier that prevents 99.9% of toxic particles from getting through to the skin.

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Particulate Blocking Demonstration



  • Particulate blocking material deflects carcinogens from skin
  • 99.9% blocking efficiency after 100 washes
  • Supported by breathable and comfortable Polyester
  • Proprietary non-toxic barrier two years in development
  • Free from PFOA/PFAS chemical treatments

What Firefighters Are Saying

"The highest level of protection possible and I would highly recommend them to any member of the fire service."

FF/EMT-P B.Paddock Cambridge, MA Fire Department

"Very comfortable and have the right amount of freedom and support in all the right areas. They are very simple to wash and don't fade as easy as other brands."

Lieutenant M. Burgos Springfield, MA Fire Department

"I would recommend these briefs to anyone; they are another line of defense in the fight against cancer prevention."

FF/AEMT I.Bragg Manchester, NH Fire Department

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