About Us

Invented by a FIREFIGHTER

9 ALARM was founded by a MA Firefighter. The Defender Brief was originally developed for Firefighters to wear as an undergarment to provide protection from PFAS and other carcinogenic particulates from penetrating the skin providing critical protection where it is needed most. The groin is one of the most sensitive parts of our body due to skin permeability and close proximity of vascular and lymph networks. Groin absorption rates can be up to 50x greater than normal skin. Our apparel reduces skin exposure to PFAS and other cancerous particulates. The entire 9 Alarm team supports Firefighters, First Responders, Warfighters and all others who serve. We want to provide comfortable, next to skin undergarments that protect against cancer and other health risks. Our mission is to help PROTECT THOSE THAT PROTECT US from the devastating effects of PFAS and other carcinogenic particulates.


We are not out to just make a buck, we are out to reduce cancer amongst firefighters, first responders, warfighters and others that serve. We are out to raise awareness against PFAS and other harmful chemicals that are used in firefighting turn out gear, military uniforms and apparel and in products and solutions we use every day. We are out to create and network with like-minded businesses and local communities. We are forming the right relationships and working tirelessly to bring our products to additional markets and everyday consumers. Help us spread the message!


Everyone deserves to be safe at work. PFAS is a very real threat and we’ve made a great product to aid in the fight. Help us spread the word and together we can do better and work to eliminate PFAS from being used in products and prevent it from impacting our health.